Lowpoly Street


Self Portfolio

Low poly street made in May of 2019

I made this to show my skills in enviromental and prop modelling in real time engines (This piece using Unreal Engine 4, but the process of importing models is similar). I modelled high and low poly assets inside of 3DS Max, then used Substance Painter 2 to bake the high poly meshes onto the low poly meshes via normal maps to get maximum detail on the meshes, While maintaining the low polygon count of the base meshes.

I tried to put as much care and detail into this scene as possible, getting help from as many other people as possible to add as many realistic details as possible (for example the grates at the ends of the roads. I am overall very pleased with how this scene turned out aand hope you like it too.

Software Used

3DS Max, Substance Painter 2, Adobe Photoshop, Unreal engine 4